5 Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal

Volunteer Opportunities

Nepal is a beautiful country with mesmerizing Himalayas and breathtaking landscapes. In addition Nepal is also a country with lot of problems to be tackled. Government is doing a good job as well as the NGOs and INGOs in Nepal. However, still the pace of development has not increased in the way it should have. Thousands of volunteers from all around the world flock to Nepal to help this beautiful multi cultural country in some way that they can. There are lot of volunteer opportunities in Nepal.

In Nepal you can find lot of volunteer organizations who offer different volunteer opportunities. Some of these types of volunteering programs are seasonal while some of the volunteer opportunities in Nepal can be found all around the year. Furthermore, all these volunteer opportunities in Nepal creates confusions about what kinds of volunteer programs to choose and which volunteer in Nepal organization to choose.

Inxchan is a volunteer organization based in Nepal. We organize volunteer in Nepal that provides you with volunteer opportunities. We have lots of experience of conducting volunteer programs in Nepal. Apart from volunteer in Nepal, you also travel and enjoy the adventure that Nepal offers with exotic destinations and mind blowing activities. We have chosen the 5 best volunteer opportunities in Nepal based on reviews and feed backs. In addition to the programs listed below, other volunteer opportunities can be of working for people with disability, women empowerment,rehabilitation centers and others.

5 Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal

 1. Volunteer in Nepal by teaching English

Teaching is Nepal is one of the most chosen volunteer opportunities in Nepal. Most of the rural schools in Nepal don’t have adequate teachers or resources. You can fill the void of teachers and resources. You can stay with a host family or in the school with teachers and students during your volunteering in Nepal. Either stay for one week to a year, based on your feasibility and comfort.

 2. Volunteer Opportunities in orphanage

Nepal has lot more orphanage in the urban areas that serve orphan children and street children. You can find orphanages in cities like  like Kathmandu, Pokhara,  and Chitwan. Most of the NGOs in Nepal operate orphanages but make sure that you go to the right orphanage. It is a good volunteer opportunities where you can make someone happy and leave your impact in this world.

Volunteer Opportunities

3. Volunteer in Nepal  at Hospital

Volunteering in Nepal at hospital and health posts is very fulfilling if you have some kind of medical experience. You can get chance hands on experience under the supervision of a local doctor or some fellow volunteer doctor. Go to health posts in rural areas where there is lack of health facilities. The people of those rural areas have most of the heath issues that we need to tackle.

4. Volunteer in Agriculture Projects in Nepal

Nepal is an agricultural country. The method of agriculture is still traditional here. Plantation and harvesting is the season of the festivals.Staying with local farmers and share as well as learn some agricultural skills. This volunteer opportunities will give you a complete taste of Nepal. Be close to nature and support the feeding of the people of Nepal.

5. Volunteer in Nepal construction

In 2015, a mega earthquake hit Nepal that cost loss of properties as well as lives. Most of the sites are still in ruins. There are lots of volunteer opportunities in this domain of construction. You can help in construction of water tank, toilets, schools, organizations and heritages.

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