Travel Interviews

Amanda Slavin

Amanda Slavin on the importance of traveling for an entrepreneur.

Amanda Slavin (listed on this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 for Marketing and Advertising) is a Millennial and Generation Z expert as well as the CEO/Founder of CatalystCreativ, an experience studio that’s focused on helping cities, brands and institutions flourish by developing educational and inspirational experiences through strategy as well as on and offline campaigns to engage Millennials. 

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Tara Byrne

Tara Byrne on the importance of traveling for an entrepreneur.

-Tara Byrne is a founder of Under 30 Changemakers and Under 30 Nomads. She unite social entrepreneurs across the non-profit and for-profit sectors.

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Susan Mcpherson

Susan Mcpherson on the importance of traveling for an entrepreneur.

– Founder of McPherson Strategies   , Contributor at Forbes. Featured in Lean In , Business news daily 

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Alyssa Ramos
Alyssa Ramos travel advice for solo female travelers

– Alyssa Ramos is a self-made travel blogger who’s been to 32 countries and 6 continents, usually by herself, and makes traveling on a budget look good. She blogs about her experiences and travel tips on her website,

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Miranda Allfrey
Miranda Allfrey on the importance of traveling

– Miranda Allfrey is a travel, health & lifestyle writer, cancer survivor, and speaker. Her captivating storytelling adds magic to destinations, cuisine, experiences, products, culture, and health. With a global awareness and passion for life & cloudsurfing (aka flying), she is the perfect brand ambassador. To learn how she can help your company surf to the top, visit

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