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Nepal a country like India but with the volume turned down.
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As a female traveler, there are certain things that will be the same no matter where in the world you travel.
Volunteer Abroad
I found myself reflecting on questions like; How can I make an impact?
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Here’s why i decided to go to Nepal, even though my health didn’t seem right

Community service ideas
The Most Shared Community Service Ideas, To Help You To Give Back.
nas daily
Nas Daily : How to make 100K in just 1 min video?
Annapurna Base Camp
I had no other chance than going to Nepal and doing the Annapurna Circuit
Project Abroad
How to find and prepare for project abroad ?
International Volunteer
Why become International Volunteer?
Volunteer Opportunities
5 Volunteer Opportunities in Nepal
Benefits of Volunteering
5 benefits of volunteering in Nepal
Volunteer Abroad
Volunteer Abroad: What, Why, How and Where?
Benefits of Volunteering
Volunteer Nepal