Susan Mcpherson on importance of traveling for an entrepreneur.

Susan McphersonFounder of McPherson Strategies   , Contributor at Forbes. Featured in Lean In , Business news daily 

Susan is a serial connector, passionate cause marketer and corporate responsibility expert. She is founder and CEO of McPherson Strategies, a communications consultancy focusing on the intersection between brands and social good, storytelling, partnership creation and visibility to corporations, NGOs and social enterprises. Susan speaks frequently at industry events and is the founder and host of the bi-weekly #CSRChat on Twitter. She serves on the boards of and as an advisor to several nonprofit organizations and invests in technology startups.


1.Have you ever felt down in your life and used travel as a way to place everything aside for a moment so that you might return to it with different or new perspective?

Susan :  Probably a zillion times. There is no replacement for travel and adventure and meeting people and places outside of your normal routine and day-to-life.


2. Which places have inspired you the most and continue to call for you to return?

Susan :  Laos, Sri Lanka and Scandinavia as well as The San Juan Islands.


3.  Have you ever made any important entrepreneurial or business connections while travelling, which opened up doors to you that would have otherwise never appeared?

Susan :  So, many. Especially when i’ve traveled solo. I’m not shy so often will talk to those i meet in cafes and coffee shops. last year, i visited refugee camps in Kenya and Uganda and met many who do important work for the UN High Commission for refugee (UNHCR), Along with other Ngo’s supporting the refugee crisis. Additionally, i was able to hear first-hand from refugees themselves- talk about perspective! I would not trade that experience for anything.


4. What makes travel important for everyone on a personal level, but also on an innovator/entrepreneur level?

Susan : It exposes us to new and innovative ideas that we would normally not be able to find or see. It helps you meet people with very different perspectives, desires and motivations.


5.  If you have ever traveled to Nepal before or desire to do so in the future, what is your inspiration to do so?

Susan : I have always wanted to visit Nepal and hopefully will do so one day soon. I have been told my loved ones that it is their favorite place on earth thanks to the Nepalese people, their kindness and the peace they exude, not to mention the natural beauty of the country.