How to find and prepare for project abroad ?

Project Abroad

Volunteering your time to good causes around the world is A great way to spend your vacation and develop professionally is to volunteer your time for a good cause around the world. Project abroad not only enriches your travel experience but also helps you to  learn about yourself. In addition to that you may even set on a new career path based on skills that you develop during project abroad.

If you do project abroad, then volunteering can change your life for good. The experience of volunteer abroad varies in impact and quality, depending upon the time and place of volunteer. Project abroad has a lot of benefits that you can ever imagine. There are lots of volunteer opportunities available all around the world. Volunteer in Nepal can be a good option for you to consider.

Inxchan is a pioneer volunteer in Nepal organization that organizes volunteer tours as part of project abroad. We have listed down the following steps that needs to be taken if you are considering project abroad.

Take time to find project abroad

The place and type of volunteer that you would like to do depends upon your priority. The kind of experience you are looking in project abroad and the place you want to go on in a vacation. Is it any new type of skills that you are looking for or you just want to do something different. You can also opt to learn about the inner workings of the organization. Volunteering in a project abroad is big business, and there are different types of volunteer experiences available, so look out to see that fits for you.

First of all list down what kind of volunteer experience is a fit for your skills and experience. Also you should know what you need to do if you are going to do volunteer in a project abroad. For example, if an organization is working with children, you won’t get chance to play with the children all the time. You also need to do some kinds of administrative tasks. These can be the most looked out after areas that need to be worked. Inxchan helps you exactly at this point so that you can find the best project abroad.

Project Abroad in Nepal

Have a personal as well as organizational goal

After you’ve found out the project abroad that you’d like to volunteer with, it is  important to have a plan. You should have a clear mindset about what you want to accomplish during your volunteer abroad. Most of the times, organizations already have plans for what they’d like volunteers to do. You can also propose what you want to do during your project based on your skills.

You should think carefully that the skills that you offer should match with the need and goals of the project. The community where you would be working should require the skills that you are going to do. You should align with the purpose of the project abroad and what you are going to do. Be honest about your skills that you have. Inxchan fits you with the skills and the demand for volunteer in Nepal.

Timing and resources for project abroad

Either you travel for two weeks or two months, it is very much important to consider about what you will be doing during the period.  You can have a limited impact if you go for short term. For a wide impact you need to do volunteer for some long time. Just as you will know the way things work, it can be time to leave.

Also take care about  finances, resources, and time. You may come up with a nice idea but you can’t perform those ideas or execute works as there will be constraints of project abroad. What you may have planned to do during the project abroad, there is some little chance to act on goals. So, be prepared for the things that you will face there.

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