Nas Daily : How to make 100K in just 1 min video?

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Nas Daily, It’s very hard to find people who don’t know about this Facebook page. I have been following his work since a year and it has always been motivating. Today I am sharing with you how he is going to be a millionaire just making 1 minute videos. Making millions might not be his first thing but from what I see he is going to make tons of money which will allow him to travel forever and make impact in peoples lives.

If you are new to travel industry and want to make your living out of 9 to 5 job. Things I have learned from his work might be very helpful to you!

Nas Daily: Think big and grow every day

– Nas was making more than 120K per year with his job. Which means he was not the guy who was looking to make $500 or $1000 per month. When he left the job he saved upto $60K so that he can travel. This is where we have to understand that Nas had enough money to promote his content and to travel few countries. This $60K was his investment to build his brand “Nas daily“.

Note: When you start your blog think it as a company cause you are going to make a living out of it. Whatever you blog please just not limit it to your family and close friends. Every day grow your audience and serve them with useful content. Think of bigger audience for your content!

Nas Daily: Love what you do

– Nas have more than 4 million plus followers and growing everyday. It’s easy to think he makes just 1 min video traveling the world. Sounds so easy but I found it very hard. To make 1 min video he have to shoot around 6 hours per day, fly his drone, make story timeline and other video making stuff. After he is done with it, there come editing which takes around 3- 4 hours each day. Working 9-10 hours per day is not an easy task. Every day he share cool travel places and stories which makes us happy but sometime I think this guy might be so tired of work cause he need to make “1 minute videos daily” even Saturday and Sunday.

Note: Love what you do. If you are making videos or blogging content just to make money. It might be very frustrating work for you cause you don’t love it. If you are not passionate about what you do, you will quite very soon and all the time you gave for that work will be useless. Do something that you like and even if you don’t get paid a dollar you will still be happy doing it every time .

Nas Daily: Connect with your followers

– We spend hours on social media. Many times we scroll without reacting on certain post even it is very very interesting cause we don’t like that person or we just don’t care about them. But this is a well known fact that we react on some posts which we know it useless but we want to appreciate the person and make him/her feel good. Nas publish useful content but more important he appreciate all the comment and respond them. This make people feel important and they are more willing to share the content cause they feel they are part of Nas daily and Nas is a friend. He also create friends meet up during his trips.

Note: Bloggers are always looking for followers who will read or watch content and react with comment, like or share. We pay lot of time and money to get this people react on our post so when they do make sure that you make them feel important.

Be a influencer ( Help other to grow)

– Thinking big, working everyday, trying to reach more people will do nothing if you don’t create a content that people can connect with. Any content you create ( text or video) make sure there is something to take away. Start marketing yourself as an influencer on your niche. Connect with other blogger and help them to grow.


Nas Daily income in mid 2017 : $44, 610
– $9,000 from part time consulting
– $27,850 from side videos for 5 different companies
-$3, 500 from commericials
-$3,160 from speaking engagements
-$700 from drone flying
-$400 from selling tshirt

This 2018, Nas Daily will share your story in 1 min with less than 100K within 30 days with a reach of a million views.


Sujan PariyarAuthor

Sujan Pariyar is a social entrepreneur, author and travel influencer. He is also known for starting meditation and yoga picture as travel trend.

He is also the sponsored traveler of Inxchan