Miranda Allfrey on the importance of traveling

Miranda AllfreyMiranda Allfrey is a travel, health & lifestyle writer, cancer survivor, and speaker. Her captivating storytelling adds magic to destinations, cuisine, experiences, products, culture, and health. With a global awareness and passion for life & cloudsurfing (aka flying), she is the perfect brand ambassador. To learn how she can help your company surf to the top, visit cloudsurfing.life




1. How often you travel and what motivates you for traveling? Any memories you would like to share?

I travel 2 weeks out of every month. I call flying, “cloud surfing”. Being in the air inspires me, but more importantly travel inspires me. Traveling allows new perspectives to form. Travel creates experience, and experience shapes who we are and what we believe we can see, do, or feel. That being said, my motivation for travel is to learn more, experience more, meet new people, and continue to tell stories and stand amazed at the incredible people, places, and things in our world.

As far as memories go, there seems to be memories made with every trip I take, how do you pick only a few? One that touched my heart was having lunch with a Mayan family in the Yucatán (Merida, Mexico). Their homes, were huts. Dirt floors and hammocks were their full time accommodations, yet they had the most incredible smiles and graciousness. The family prepared an incredible meal cooked over a fire, and tried to send us off with gifts. Their hearts were pure and the experience humbled me.

2. What’s the recent trip you made and how was the experience?

My most recent trip was to Mérida Mexico. I stayed in several different Haciendas. It was an incredible experience to discover so much of the history of the Yucatán Peninsula. Over the next sixty days I will find myself in London, Scotland, Asheville North Carolina, the Caribbean, and San Miguel Allende Mexico.

3. How do you feel being “Travel and lifestyle writer”?

I love writing, and I love new experiences. Sharing stories from across the globe is incredible. I hope to touch and inspire people with my words. I will also be starring in a Travel Documentary in Ecuador called, Ruta del Sol. It is a women’s empowerment film where I can give back and learn to surf!

4. Why do you think traveling is important for everyone?

Travel shapes our views. Our hearts and minds open when we travel, and we step outside of the box. When you travel you learn so much about yourself and about other people, let alone cultures and the dynamics of life. Everyone should travel not just to see different places, but to grow as an individual. I believe travel creates global citizens… those who want the best for the world and all of its people, places, and things.

5. What would you say to people considering life of travel?

Travel will be the one thing you will never forget. Take time for that one amazing trip or take years to fill your travel bucket. The memories, connections, and gratitude you will gain is worth more than words can say.

6. If you have ever traveled to Nepal before or desire to do so in the future, what is your inspiration to do so?

I have never traveled to Nepal, however it does have an interest for me. I would love to promote Women and Children’s health with a charity I am involved with, Hope Through Healing Hands. Perhaps Sujan, we could work together to do something.

7. What message you will like to share for creating a better world?

My message for creating a better world, “Unite Humanity”. Respect each others differences, show gratitude, and honor yourself and others. At some point in life we have all received a hand up. Be the hand up for others, lead by example, love all, stop judgement, and never lose your smile.