Why become International Volunteer?

International Volunteer

International Volunteer are the volunteers who support and contribute their time and effort for causes and organizations that are outside of their native country. Most of the time, International volunteers go to developing countries to work. They work with either the local volunteers there or on their own often with international development programs.  Moreover, international volunteer work in areas like health, education, sanitation, construction and conservation. The benefits of volunteering are challenging as well as rewarding.

Data shows that international volunteering has become increasingly popular nowadays across many countries. International volunteer can be either multi year and even sometimes short term roles. Volunteer abroad includes range of activities conducted by governments, charities and  even travel agents. You can go to anywhere in the world as there are lots of volunteer opportunities. Nepal can be the best destination for project abroad.

Become International Volunteer with Inxchan

Thousands of people volunteer abroad each year often with their own reasons. Either it is a desire to travel or learn a new language. In addition meet new people and experience the culture  different than your’s. You can  gain a better understanding of the culture, as well as the issues that affect in that part of the world. Also learn a about yourself, your challenges and your barriers. Indulge in the lives of the people and leave your positive mark in this world. As an international volunteer, you will be able to even motivate people of different community to do something better for their community.

International Volunteer

Volunteer in Nepal to implement sustainable solutions for the most needy people.  Your volunteering acts can have positive impact for the lives of people. They are at the most disadvantageous state in Nepal.  You can do various activities in the rural communities according to your time and comfort. United Nations has even declared International Volunteer Day on December 5. Inxchan organizes volunteer programs in Nepal that combines service with travel. Enjoy the adventure in Nepal and at the same time make some impact to the world.

Volunteering abroad is very fulfilling experience. It is no matter about project you undertake. But if you feel connected to the project at some personal and emotional level then you will surely take most out of it. After you volunteer, return back home with a new lease on life and a new understanding along with appreciation for yourself. Visit our website www.inxchan.com and choose from a wide range of volunteering opportunities that we offer in Nepal.




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