Community Service Ideas For Adults

Community service ideas

The Most Shared Community Service Ideas For Adults, To Help You To Give Back.

So, you have decided to Give Back but don’t know where to start. If you are a Social Work student, looking to build on the knowledge and skills learnt in your degree or you might be someone who enjoys helping others and has the passion to improve the community, then volunteering is something you should consider. Doing something good for others can provide you with invaluable happiness. Here are some of the most shared community service ideas for adults that you can use to give back.

  • Charity starts from home. Often we have things in the house that we don’t use or need any more, which might be valuable to those who can’t afford it. The first step in helping can be collecting items (such as clothing, toys, electronics, stationery, etc) from your store or organizing a donation program, where your friends, family and local community can also get involved. You can always find people who are in need within the community, the items collected can be donated to organizations who works with the disadvantaged. It is important to find the most suited cause to your own values and ethics, this will ensure the items are distributed properly to those who are in desperate need.

Community service ideas for kids and adults

  • Many student are taking gap year to volunteer abroad. If you have the time and funds, then you should consider joining an international volunteering program ( Like Volunteer Nepal ). According to your skills and interests, there are many organisations that you can offer your assistance with. Volunteer programs can be as simple as teaching basic computer, English, your native language, playing with kids, assisting on farm or even educating others about your own interests.  Your involvement in international volunteering programs can help support vulnerable children, empower women, assist street animals and improve medical welfare camps.


  • School based fundraisers are another great way to collect food and other items. Other students can get involved in this which helps to create awareness. Through the coordination of food collections, you can ensure the items are donate to the most deserving people. Funds and materials collected from the community can also be sent abroad in the event of a national disaster such as earthquake relief, floods etc. Depending on your own budget and time available, you can work along side organizations to develop programs such as cooking classes, education, work experience etc.  Helping senior citizens, tutoring foster care children, feeding the homeless, plantation, blood donation program are other ways you can be involved.


  • Volunteering through community service programs offers people the opportunity to give back. Working in partnership with others is a great way to meet new friends and create new friendships with like minded people. Being involve in humanitarian work  provides you with the opportunity to make a difference to others lives. For some, it offers the chance to develop new skills or build on pre-existing experience and knowledge. Volunteering work, donation collections and fundraisers are not only a good way to give back to the most vulnerable but ultimately creates awareness of the hardships they face within the local community and abroad.


  • Apply to volunteer in some of your local organization. There is always opportunities available to provide support and assistance to community based organisations, whether be through creating awareness of social issues on social media, administration, event management, field study, photography, writing or collecting donations. Alternatively, you can also organize and/or participate in a community clean up program in your town.

Community Service Ideas For Adults


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