Alyssa Ramos travel advice for solo female travelers

Alyssa Ramos

Alyssa Ramos is a self-made travel blogger who’s been to 32 countries and 6 continents, usually by herself, and makes traveling on a budget look good. She blogs about her experiences and travel tips on her website, She’s also the founder of the charity Follow her on Twitter @AlyssaRamos, and on Instagram @mylifesatravelmovie.


  1. At what age you began your first ever trip and where? What were the female travel taboo you had heard about before you started traveling and how the travel world responded to you ?

    My first big international trip was a month long Euro-trip in college, but I don’t really count that since I hadn’t really had a huge interest in traveling at that point. Officially I’d say two years ago, when I was 26, was when I really started, and I went to South Africa to volunteer, Thailand, and Australia. To be honest I hadn’t really heard much about “solo female travel” when I started, I knew “solo travel” was a thing, and thought it was mostly something you do when you’re younger, but I didn’t realize it was going to be a big deal until I actually did it. It’s a freaking scary thing to do at first, which of course is why most women don’t try it, but the response I think I got after people started seeing me do it, and to the extent that I was doing it, was a major turning point in the solo female travel trend.

  2. How many countries have you traveled till now and what experience you have gained? What do you enjoy the most about traveling? What place continues to call you for visiting again?

    I’m actually writing this from a plane, and I’m about to land in my 46th country; Jordan! The experience I’ve gained is innumerable, I could go on forever about it, from how to travel efficiently with a carry on only, to how to properly prepare yourself by researching a destination and its culture. What I enjoy most about traveling is learning, and sharing the knowledge that I gain for other people to use and be inspired from. I love seeing new things, and being able to report on places not many people know about, and of course, I love taking photos of all of it as well! I’d say Iceland definitely wants me to go back to it, as well as the Northern area of India where I didn’t get to explore when I was there.

  3. What inspires you to travel everyday? Why do you think traveling is important?Traveling feels like it’s what I was meant to do, and I’m really happy that i was able to find my calling. I always used to tell my mom, “I want to change the World”, I just had no idea how or what that even meant until I started realizing the impact that I can make just by showing other people the World through my eyes. Traveling is what teaches you the most important things in life, from who you are, to why other people are the way they are. I think traveling is important because it expands your mind and makes you a much more knowledgable, respectful, peaceful, and happy person.
  4. What advice would you give to female for their first ever solo travel?For first time female travelers, I’d say to be brave, and be confident, but don’t force yourself to do anything that you feel too uncomfortable doing. Being well prepared and well-researched can alleviate a lot of your fears and doubts, as can reading other solo female traveler’s stories, especially from the area you’re thinking of going. I mean, just read through my blog for an hour and I’m sure you’ll be ready to go!
  5. Have you ever visited Nepal or desired to visit one day? If yes, what are the inspiration?

    Of course Nepal is high on my bucket list! It would probably take a lot more preparation and planning since I’d want to climb to basecamp of Mt. Everest, but it’s definitely something I’m excited to one day do!