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Volunteer in Nepal

Two weeks volunteering and travelling in Nepal.

To travel and give back at the same time. Join our two weeks program in Nepal.

  • Help vulnerable children
  • Hike in the mountains
  • Explore cultural heritage sites around Kathmandu
  • Discover the Nepali language and have culture classes
  • Have Nepali cooking classes
  • Do boating
  • Experience local food
  • Explore different cities in Nepal
  • Do paragliding and much more

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Volunteer in Nepal | Be kind to each other and travel

Volunteer in Nepal

Volunteer in Nepal with us and help poor, vulnerable children, offering them a better education. During your trip, we will also help you to explore Nepal and teach you the local language, the culture and more. 

Volunteering :  Teaching children English, games and more.
Adventure: Boating, Hiking, Paragliding.

Meet Sujan Pariyar
Travel influencer, author and Inxchan’s sponsored traveler.

He is currently traveling around Nepal producing videos. If you want to get inspired to travel in Nepal please check more videos on Inxchan Video Blog.

If you have any question regarding volunteering in Nepal or traveling, please feel free to send an email at :